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About runs under the aegis of Centre for Info Bio Technology (CIBTech). It is India's premier website which addresses every current and emergent issue associated with Indian life sciences and biotechnology sector, providing comprehensive and updated career oriented industrial and academic information. It is an output of years of rigorous research work carried out on Indian bio/biotech industry, in addition to the experience of our bio professionals.

In India around 30% growth in biotech sector has been observed in the last few years. Despite this spurt, not many students are pursuing higher studies in biosciences and are diverting to other streams sharply. At school level the number of biology students is alarmingly decreasing. Out of the several problems responsible for this, two most important one are lack of approachable and effective career counseling, and effortless availability of all round career oriented information on the biotech industry of India at one spot. On the other hand the subject is largely attracting Indian entrepreneurs. Being a subject flooded with exceptions, affected by ever changing multiple factors, entrepreneurs also want to have thorough technical and updated business information and consultancy on this subject. We are working as a one-stop shop with a vision to eliminate these lacunas of information. In this regard the site has started providing information on all the specialized higher educational institutes and bio companies; business, research and career trend; govt. and corporate activities; business consultants and venture capitalist; financial assistances for entrepreneurs; latest  job openings; available scholarship & fellowship; educational loan providers; upcoming seminars and events; latest scientific news; and  free links to world-class online books, magazines & journals; all these exclusively focused on biotechnology and biosciences sectors of India.

Above information is useful for millions of schools, colleges and Universities going students, professors, scientists, entrepreneurs and persons, engaged in studies, R&D and business activities, in biotechnology and Life sciences, either seriously looking forward to make successful career or update their scientific information. The site is equally important for various Bio-industry policy makers. Since the USP of the site is to publish career and business related expert, transparent and factual information therefore it directly invites articles from persons running the bio industry, gather their views on career prospects, from time to time. Currently we also carry out offline and one to one career counseling of the students. The website is proposed to carry out live online career counseling for students in the near future on regular basis, covering every corner of India. 

    is envisioned, designed and promoted by professionals having vast experience in Academia and Industry, in the areas of Information Technology, Biosciences and Human Resources. Anyone who wants to support this noble cause can be the part of our team.


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