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*Free of Cost is a pioneer website fully dedicated to provide complete and up-to-date academic and industrial information on applied life sciences and biotechnology sector of India. We welcome every institute, company, sector or website which is giving any contribution in this sector in the form of quality education, research, production and information by getting its name, product and service information, included in our website, free of cost. Your contributions can be very valuable for our readers. Simultaneously you can also get benefited with the vast network of life sciences in our country through this site by advertising your company and its products, either *free or at a very reasonable cost with additional attractive packages. For this go to our Advertise With Us page.


Kindly provide us following information through your official e-mail (if it is there):


Your name, Designation, Official Address, Your organization's objective behind providing the information, Office landline number.


Finally write about your Company/Institute/Site. Maximum 240 Characters (with space) is allowed. Write in keywords about your company’s/ institute’s/site's name, location, products, services and one home/web page url (to be used for hyperlinking) .


For any further queries kindly feel free to Contact Us.

* will decide whether to include any company’s information and links in our page. Company having products and services strictly relevant to our website’s objectives and standard, only will be included. No hyper linking facility will be there in free scheme, instead, your webpage's url  will be published.


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