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  • The customer hereby permits on an anonymous basis to disclose to third parties the information contained in the Customer's registration application, like name, address, e-mail address or any other information revealing the personal identity of the customer.

  • The customer shall not transmit or distribute to or from or store on the Web Site any material which is obscene, threatening, and distasteful or controversial as per any law or regulation.

  • The customer will not post on the Web Site any material or advertisements or chain letters that contains viruses.

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  • The customer will not reproduce, display, distribute or otherwise use any of the contents of the Web Site for any public or commercial purposes and any other purpose.

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  • The customer will not attempt to disassemble, decipher, decompile or reverse engineer any software comprising or relating to

  • The customer acknowledges that he/she is responsible for the form, content and accuracy of any material submitted to for insertion in the Web Site.



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