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Animal Biotech Companies* in India


                              Company-Research, Products and Services

Advy chemicals, Thane, .  Manufacturer of biochemical, biologicals and bulk in vitro diagnostics reagents, work on protein purification, immunology, immuno-chemistry and animal cell culture and purified antigens and antisera.

Animal biotech, Bangalore.  Manufacturer of diagnostics probiotics, enzyme, trace mineral proteinates for poultry cattle & aquaculture. Offers consultancy in biopharmaceuticals, vaccine & food related biotechnology, R&D in animal feed additives, health care, immunochemical. Contact:

Aventis Pharma, Mumbai. . Marketing of biotechnology products like- anti-rabies.

Bharat Biotech International, Hyderabad. . Manufactures human vaccines and biopharmaceuticals (like- HibTiTer), and cancer therapeutics.

Bharat Serums and Vaccines, Mumbai. . Manufacturing and marketing of biopharmaceuticals and biotech products.

Biological E; Hyderabad; . Manufacturer of vaccine, formulations and APIs. It manufactures products for gastrointestinal, respiratory and nutritional disorders.

Cadila Healthcare; Ahmedabad; . Production and marketing of vaccines and biologicals and focuses on cardiovascular segment.

Cadila pharmaceuticals; Ahmedabad; . Research based pharmaceutical company focusing on conventional and recombinant vaccines, anticancer biotherapeutics and diagnostics using recombinant antigens and natural thrombolites.

Claris Lifesciences; Ahmedabad; . Manufacturing, R&D and marketing of therapeutics, vitamins and generics. It is also working on recombinant technology and or monoclonal antibodies technology.

Comed Chemicals;Baroda; Manufacturing and marketing of recombinant proteins.

Ganga Gen Biotechnologies; Bangalore; work on Bacteriophage-based products, developed therapies against antibiotic resistant bacteria. Also have veterinary products.

Haffkine Bio-Pharmaceutical Corporation; Mumbai; . Development and production of bacterial and viral vaccines like for diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, plague, poliomyelitis and rabies.

Hester Pharmaceuticals ; Ahmedabad; Manufacturing, marketing and distribution of veterinary medicines-live and killed (inactivated) vaccines and diagnostic kits.

Indian Immunologicals; Hyderabad; Manufacturer of animal and human biologicals such as FMD vaccine, anti-rabies vaccine, canine vaccine for animals and for human hepatitis B, measles, MMR and DPT.

Indovax; Gurgaon; Production of poultry vaccines -viral vaccines like-Ranikhet vaccine, branchisitis, fowl cholera, infectitious Coryza vaccine etc.

Intas Biopharmaceuticals; Ahmedabad; R&D, manufacturing and marketing of biotech products indigenously developed recombinant human granulocyte colony stimulating factor.

Intervet India; Pune; R&D and manufacturing of pet and domestic animal healthcare products consisting of biologicals, therapeutics, productive hormones and feed additives for dog, cat, pigs, poultry, camel, cattle, horses, goat and sheep.

Invitrogen; Bangalore; manufacture and supplies products related to animal cell culture, protein expression, RNAi Epigenetics, Drug discovery, PCR , molecular probes, DNA library.

Krebs Biochemicals and Industries Ltd; Hyderabad; Research, manufacturing of synthetic drugs, herbal (like-capsaicin, Garcinia powder) and intermediates for agriculture and medicine industries.

Micro Labs; Bangalore; Manufacturer of biopharmaceuticals, with special focus on ophthalmologic, neurological, gynecological, anti diabetic, cardiovascular, psychotropic, gastro-enterological, dermatological and veterinary products.  

National Research Development Corporation; New Delhi; . An Indian govt. enterprise. Working on vaccine development, diagnostic kits development for domestic animals.

Panacea Biotech; New Delhi; . It manufactures and markets biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals like- Hepatitis vaccines; working on recombinant vaccines.

Reliance Life Sciences; Navi Mumbai; . A Biotechnology R&D institute which work on medical, plant and industrial biotechnology. Major areas of work- cell and molecular biology, genetics, diagnosis and therapeutic proteins and contract research services.

RFCL; New Delhi; . It has a business unit called VETNEX- deals with veterinary solutions for livestock, poultry and pets

Santha Biotechnics; Hyderabad; . R&D and Manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals like- vaccines, antibodies and proteins used in the fields of oncology and infectious diseases.

Saurav Chemicals; Panchkulla, Haryana; . Manufactures diagnostic elements and chemical reagents, main areas are recombinant proteins, antibodies, Elisa kit development, multifunctional microarrays and oligoarrays.

Serum Institute of India; Pune; . Manufacturing and marketing of vaccines and immuno-biologicals like- Hepatitis, DTP and measles.

Shreya Biotech; Pune; Manufacturing biopharmaceuticals like r-human insulin, interferon, growth hormones and hepatitis-B vaccines.

SRI Raghavendra biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore. A research based company working on stem cell research to cure diseases, in collaboration with international and Indian Institutes. Provide stem cell training and animal biotech academic projects and consultancy for stem cell research/Banking and therapeutics.

Stempeutics; Bangalore; . A R&D company focused on development of stem cell technology for human diseases study.

Venkateshwara Hatcheries; Pune; . R&D, production and export of poultry vaccines and diagnostics, it has a tie-up with a US based company for biogeneric and biodiagnostics products.

Vetcare; Bangalore; . Manufacturer of vet, pet and aqua healthcare products.

Wockhardt; Mumbai; . Manufacturer and marketer of recombinant biopharmaceuticals like- hepatitis, vaccine, erythropoietin and wosulin.

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