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Bioinformatics Companies in India

                          Company-Research, Products and Services

Accelrys software solutions. Bangalore. Software applications and services: it is for pharmaceutical, biotech and industrial chemical companies. sales and support office in Bangalore. R&D in US.

Advanced Chemistry Development. Bangalore. Software solutions provider: for scientist doing chemical structural studies of known and unknown substance in spectroscopy, chromatography, nomenclature generation, Chemical patenting and publication.

Advanced Computer System (ACS). Lucknow. IT  enabled services in biotech. Embedded system design and real time embedded system programming, hardware microprocessor design etc used in drug discovery process.

Agilent India; New Delhi; work on genomics, proteomics, metabolomics.

ArisGlobal Software. Bangalore. Provides harmacovigilance software solutions

Aurigene Discovery Technologies. Bangalore. Delivers specialized solutions in structure guided drug design, medicinal chemistry and protein sciences.

Avestha Gengraine Technologies Pvt. Ltd.; Bangalore; Promotes R&D in novel therapeutics & molecular diagnostic products via- Genome Analysis, Transcriptome, (Expression) Analysis, Metabolome Analysis and Lead Optimization and Recombinant Protein Expression.  

Bigtec; Bangalore. A research informatics products and service provider, which provides life science software used in simulation and process of pharmaceutical industries.

Bijam Biosciences; Hyderabad; Develops computational tools and techniques used in genomics and proteomics.

BioImagene India; Pune; Image analysis and informatics, with products like- Tissumine, Cellmine and Proteinmine. It is expert in high throughput quantization during drug efficacy studies.

BioMakro; Hyderabad; Experts in genomic sciences, applied bioinformatics, computers and data management and mining and also provides clients/vendors with confidential strategic support in drug discoveries.

Biomantra; New Delhi; Custom service provider. Bioinformatics, such as protein and DNA sequence analysis, homology, RNA structure, polymorphism detection and modeling and simulation analysis, custom database annotation and expression data analysis.  

Biomed Informatics; Hyderabad; Involved in corporate training, project services, R&D and software development, focus is on synthesis of molecules, energy minimization, molecular modeling, 2D/3D structures, MDL mol files, combinatorial chemistry, analogue/structure based drug design, docking, genomics, proteomics and software development.  
Bioserve Biotechnologies India; Hyderabad; Custom lab services, which includes nucleic acids processing, DNA synthesis,, high throughput sequencing and genotyping, genome wide scans and gene expression analysis etc.

Caliber Technologies ; Hyderabad; Software products for life science industries and training and customer support services.

Cognizant Technologies; Chennai; Basically IT service provider but offers services to pharmaceutical and life sciences industries like- Pharmacovigilance, enterprise customer repository, CDISC gateway compliance management.

Concordas Informatics India;Mumbai; Bioservices which include marketing intelligence, scientific and medical writing.

Cranes software International Ltd; Bangalore; Software developer for biotech industries. CHECK

Frontier life Sciences; Hydearbad; Bioinformatics solution provider, engaged in on-site consultancy services, hospital management software.

Genomik Design Pharmaceuticals; Hyderabad; Deliver drug design service like - drug identification and validation for drug discovery companies.

Genotypic Technology; Bangalore; Speciailized in improving and inventing molecular biology techniques and methodologies, work on cDNA library, microarrays and collection of genomic DNA from microbes, plants and animals.

Helix Genomics; Hyderabad;  Deals in Bioinformatics and has products like BOS-Biological Operating System etc, and has collaboration with many universities and institutes.

iLabs; Hyderabad; Software solutions provider to life science business services by its bioscience divisions.

Infitech Global; Bangalore. Software company involved in software development, biological database development, data integration services, Biological and clinical data management, and data mining.

InfoPro Solutions - An infotech company focusing on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology drug development areas.

Infosys Technologies; Bangalore; IT services and support to pharma and biotech industries by its life science division.

Jalaja Technologies; Bangalore; Bioinformatics software developer such as Gene D’Cfer, Proteome calculator involved in drug discovery.

Jubilant Biosys; Bangalore; Bioinformatics and chemoinformatics services to meet the R&D requirements of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Some of its products are-nitrilase and nitrile, hydratase database, caspase database, Kinase ChemBiobase and GPCR Annotator etc.
Mascon Global Ltd.; Gurgaon; Services include data mining, data management, genomics and proteomics, high throughput screening.
Manvish Infotech. Specializes in embedded systems, bioinformatics and content development.
MGL Healthcare and Life Sciences provides technology solutions and services to biopharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and educational and research institutes.

Molecular Connections; Bangalore; Involved in in-silico discovery services which include literature mining tools for extracting biomedical information from publications and databases and annotation service, software development and target finding.

Mphasis Technologies (HCLS Group); Bangalore; Provide software solutions in the area of healthcare and life science industries. Designs software, develops device drivers, embedded solutions, instrument control software for analytical instrumentation, biological data management and data and image analysis.

MWG Biotech; Bangalore;  Genomic solution provider like – solutions for DNA oligonucleotide systhesis, siRNA and DNA sequencing services

Navya Biologicals; Bangalore; . Provides drug discovery services.

Ocimum (now called Isogen) Biosolutions; Hyderabad;  Work on genomic products and services, Bio IT solutions and production of microarrays and oligonucleotides.

Pall India; Bangalore; It has a proteomic laboratory to assist the customer in drug discovery process.

Persistent Systems; Pune; A Bioinformatics company offers services in data mining and analysis like – microarray, proteomics and gene annotation and clinical data.

PharmaNet; Bangalore; Provide services in drug development.

Polyclone Bioservices; Bangalore; Provides services in target discovery and target validation, microarray spotting and hybridization, insilico discovery, virtual screening and bioinformatics. Its products include Eprime to design primers fro qualitative real time PCR and probe design.

Premas Biotech; New Delhi; Contract Research Services including R&D, marketing and supporting drug discovery solutions, gene expression, SNP genotyping and bioinformatics service like data analysis.

Q3 Technologies; Gurgaon; Outsources IT solutions to various industries including pharmaceutical ones.

Satyam Computer Services; Secunderabad; IT solutions for life sciences industry by reducing the cycle time of clinical trials processes and developing collaborative tools and techniques to increase productivity during drug discovery.

Scube Scientific; New Delhi; Scientific Software import and its distribution.

SilicoCyte; Bangalore;  Bioinformatics products for applications including microarray, glycomics and proteomics.

Siri Technologies; Bangalore; Bioinformatics solution provider working on software development, testing, maintenance, scientific data curation and consulting.

Strand Genomics. Strand Life Sciences; Bangalore; www.strandgenomics.comBioinformatics company, provide professional consultancy services in Bioinformatics software design and development.

Sun Microsystems; Bangalore; Bioinformatics solutions.

Suven Life Sciences; Hyderabad; Contract research and manufacturing service provider in drug discovery.

Syngene International; Bangalore; A biocon’s subsidiary, offers customized R&D services in drug discovery and development.

SysArris Software Asia Pacific; Bangalore; Develops software for biotech and pharma industries in microarray, geneomic, proteomics, high throughput screening and image analysis.

Systat Software; Bangalore;  Software solutions for life sciences, mediacl, behavioural and environmental sciences.

TAKE Solutions; Chennai; A technology-enabled business solutions company providing services to life sciences, it has products such as PharmaReady- a web based information management system specifically designed for the life sciences industry.

Tata Consultancy Services; Hyderabad; Provides software solutions for life sciences and healthcare industries.

Tata Elxsi; Bangalore; Part of Tata group providing solutions in the areas of QSAR, protein modeling, Denovo and analog based drug design, molecular modelling and simulation tools.

The Centre For Genomic Application (TCGA); New Delhi; TCGA provides services on “free for service “ basis, which include high throughput sequencing, microarray, proteomics, nucleotide and bioinformatics.

Thinkgen; Bangalore; Bioinformatics solution provider to healthcare industries.

TSQUARE Software Solutions; Pune; It specializes in customer relationship management domain related software solutions to biosuppliers.

VLife Sciences Technologies; Pune; Work on drug discovery via combining computational technologies and experimental lab techniques.

XCyton Diagnostic kits; Bangalore; DNA chip development for molecular diagnosis.

Zenica Biotech; Chennai;  A bioinformatics company whose R&D focuses in database development and drug designing software development, it has softwares in immunoinformatics and disease research. 

Many more companies to be added very shortly. Keep visiting.

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