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Check Your Biotech Aptitude!

Before plunging into the sea of biotechnology it is better to check your biotech aptitude. If you want to pursue a satisfying and innovative research based career in biotechnology you must fulfill maximum numbers of the following eligibilities:

  • You enjoy doing experiments with/studying living organisms and their components.

  • You love systematic way of working.

  • You like to prepare written plan before doing any practical.

  • You enjoy lab environment.

  • You can work for several hours (8-12hrs or more) per day in a lab, sometime even for more than 24 hrs!, though with small breaks.

  • You have the ability to work independently, rather than always looking for partners.

  • You have analyzing and interpreting skills. Everybody can see a falling apple, but one must have the ability to analyze and interpret why the apple falls down not up.

  • You take failure in experiment as a challenge and draw some positive conclusions and reasons out of it.

  • You can repeat any practical exercise, number of times, if it is failed after few days of working, instead of binding up the practical after doing some manipulations.

  • You like to read latest scientific news, books and research magazines.

  • You usually want to find out answer of ‘why’ while studying scientific topics.

  • You love truth and company of truth loving people.

  • You want to give a creative look to any work you do.

  • You are patient listener, with deep thinking and creative mind.

  • You can study for 10-14 hours per day as normal routine.

  • You have faith on scientific principles of working.

  • You are more interested on the scientific task being assigned rather than the salary packages, for first few years of your career.

  • You always look to work on any pioneer and daunting research work.

  • You love to maintain the working area very clean and sterile.

  • You are always hungry to learn and adopt new technology and techniques, .

  • You as such accept the result of any experiment and try to find out the cause of difference in result, if any, arises.

  • You make time table of your daily work.

  • You are always concerned about every minute you spend.

  • You keep yourself abreast with the latest happenings in the world of biotechnology.

  • You believe that you have scientific temperament.

  • You enjoy discussing scientific topics.

  • Last but very important, you always contribute to biology whatever conditions are prevailing around you.

Getting entry in any biotech organization may in some cases not necessarily require fulfillment of some of the above criteria. Like one may get job in this sector via some personal sources, but, still one need to fulfill most of the above conditions to get satisfying and long career in this field


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