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Biotech Scope-Sectors-Salaries in India

Biotechnology deals with controlled use (controlling agent means equipment and chemicals) of biological agents (which include any organism, cell, organelles or bio-molecules = DNA, RNA, Protein etc.) and their processes  to get desired result used for the benefit of mankind, directly or indirectly.

It therefore includes utilization of various biological tools and techniques which could help us exploit the benefits from the biological agents. These  techniques include, PCR, Electrophoresis, genetic engineering and transformation, stem cell culture, DNA Finger printing, microarray technology, drug designing, protein engineering, site directed mutagenesis and biocomputing etc., all are described in the ‘main areas of work’ under every branch of biotechnology given in the Home Page.

Is there any application of biotechnology around me?

Yes, indeed there are lots of. Various biological researches going within your locality, City, Village etc are more or less actually the biotechnological one. Whatever quality biological products and services we are utilizing these  days are more or less associated with biotechnology. Whether it is products from any Medicine shop, Clinical lab, Hospitals, Seed manufacturing and Selling companies, Dairy products, Processed and Preserved food, Food supplements and Vegetables, Waste treatment plants, Biofuel etc (for details see the working areas under every branch of biotech in our Home Page).

Scope in Biotechnology

Career in biotechnology is an invitation to participate in the development of new products and processes that could improve the quality of human life as much as any other discovery since the industrial revolution. Every problem related to biology now-a-days is more or less being solved through biotechnological techniques. And there are thousands of such biotechnology based institutes/companies in India itself (their addresses, working areas can be seen via our Home Page hyperlinks ). Similarly limitless opportunities are there at abroad. It is the world’s second fastest growing sector after IT industry. Scope and career in individual branches of biotechnology have been discussed thoroughly. Visit Our Home Page for that.

Various Biotechnology Sectors and Expected Salaries

One after pursuing B.Sc./B.E./B.Tech and M.Sc./M.Tech degree in Biotechnology or applied branches of life sciences can opt various career options. Though there are several stages to enter any biotech organization but the most important is the entry level assignment. After gaining few years of experiences a person himself or herself understands further advanced level career opportunities.

Following are the career options, sectors and approximate salaries at entry level which one can opt for:


Sector- Post:  Eligibility - Starting Salary

College-Lectureship: After B.Sc. in life sciences and M.Sc. in Biotech or any Applied Life sciences branch (like-Microbiology, Biochemistry etc. see our Home Page ), appear in various competitive exams for lectureships and fellowships, like like lCET-DBT (Click, UGC-CSIR NET (Click, ICMR-JRF (Click etc. (Conducted every year for detail click Scholarship Fellowship).etc. (Conducted every year. See our Scholarship Fellowship page for details). lIf you qualify these exam you get either Junior Research Fellowship and or eligibility for Lectureship (LS). Average starting salary in private sector is around Rs.12000.00-16,000.00 p.m. With several private Universities coming up,  initial salary also starts from Rs. 28500 (for e.g. salaries @ VIT, Lovely Professional University ) as per 6th pay commission recommendations.  Further higher start is seen as one completes his/her PhD degree.

Research Institute--Junior Research Fellowship (JRF): After B.Sc. lin life sciences and M.Sc. in Biotech or any  Applied Life sciences branch like-Microbiology, Biochemistry etc., you can appear in various fellowship examinations, like lCET-DBT (Click, UGC-CSIR NET (Click, ICMR-JRF (Click etc. (Conducted every year for detail click Scholarship Fellowship). After clearing the exam, register yourself for PhD preferably in any industrial laboratory, and avail Junior Research Fellowships of  around Rs.30,000  + 10-15% HRA per month for first 2 years and then Rs. 50000. After PhD, with 3-4 years of quality research work (supported by your research publications) one can be absorbed in R&D dept. of the industry itself.

Research Institute-Researcher/Scientist: Though M.Sc. degree is sufficient to apply for any scientific job, but research experience is always a bonus. One should preferably try to do his/her PhD from an industry or pure research organization if he wants to go to in the R&D sector of any company or institute. The bitter truth is that an industrialist doesn't always prefer a candidate who has done PhD from an academic institution, untill and unless the institute is world-class OR the work is strictly similar to their demand . Entry level salary may vary from Rs.15000.00-Rs.20,000.00 or more depending upon the field of expertise, company and even city.

Biotech Industry-Trainee: After B.Sc. lin life sciences and M.Sc. in Biotech or any branch Applied Life sciences (like-Microbiology, Biochemistry etc. see our Home Page ). You can join as trainee in biotech industry. You can see our Entry level-Trainee-Job section for latest openings and eligibilities.  30 training fellowships worth Rs.5000.00 per month is also given by Biotech consortium India Ltd. (BCIL) (Click, DBT. Exposure as Trainee makes you competent enough to get absorbed in the biotech industry. Initial salary varies as per the branch/type of company which is Rs.15000.00 to Rs.20,000.00. Even a fresh M.Sc. biotech students get a starting salary of Rs. 10000 to 15000 pm in good company.

Research worker-NGO: After B.Sc. lin life sciences or also M.Sc. in Biotech or Life sciences you can join any NGO's working in your areas of interest and give real scientific contributions to the society. Initial salary may be around Rs. 10,000 or more.

Biotechnology Venture: If you could do some home work on industrial aspects of biotech sector and have the business guts you must go for biotech venture. But yes you might have to wait for few years to get the real return.  Take Business Consultancy through various agencies  which will provide you factual market report and consultancy and then decide and go for the  projects.  You can approach Banks and other financial Institutions/Venture Capitalists for loan for any Business Financial Assistance.

Medical College/ Diagnostic Lab- Lecturer/Biochemist: After B.Sc. Life sciences/Biotechnology go for M.Sc. in Medical Biochemistry/ Microbiology/Biotechnology. One get offers to work as lecturer in medical college. Starting salary Rs.25,000.00-Rs.30,000.00. After Ph.D. the package is still higher. Work as Biochemist in any diagnostic lab or you can open your own diagnostic lab.

Management-Manager-Sales-Marketing Biotechnology: After B.Sc. in Biotechnology/Life sciences you can go for MBA in Biotechnology or other management degree in agribusiness. Join any life sciences and biotech industry. Serve your own subject. Starting salary Rs.20,000 p.m. or even more, it depends upon the type of sector chosen and candidate's capabilities. B.E/B.Tech Students entering in marketing job in biotech companies also get packages around Rs. 20,000.00 or more per month.


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