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Clinical Research Companies*-Institutes in India

                Company's/Institute's-Research, Products and Services

Accutest research laboratories. Mumbai.  Contract research organization: clinical investigation, BA/BE and PKA studies.

Ace Biomed. Mumbai.  Contract research organization: clinical research services like BA/BE and PKA studies and formulations development.

Apothecaries; New Delhi; Clinical services including bioanalytical research. Its regulatory affairs services include investigational drug brochures, medical writing, filing of regulatory documents and GCP audits.

ASHCO NIULAB INDUSTRIES LTD:  Mumbai; CRO, provide services which include bioavailability and bioequivalence studies, Phase I, II clinical trials, protocol preparation and study design and clinical and bioanalytical services.

Asian Clinical Trials Ltd; Hyderabad; Conducts phase I-IV clinical trials, offers pre-clinical and clinical research, post marketing surveillance, medical writing and clinical data management.

BioArch Research Solutions; Vadodara; . A CRO, its research services include biological screening, bioequivalence studies and formulation development, helping drug discovery companies in preclinical and clinical stage of drug development.

Biocon Ltd.; Bangalore: Clinical research

Bio-scientific research Laboratories; Mumbai;  CRO, which offers services in regulatory affairs, BA/BE studies and pharmaceutical analysis.

Chiltern International; Mumbai; CRO provides support for clinical operations, project management, data management, biostatics, medical writing, quality assurance and regulatory and medical affairs services.

Clin Tec (India) International; Bangalore; Clinical research, and support to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, the main areas include cancer, neurology, dermatology and rheumatology.

Clingene International; Bangalore;  A Biocon subsidiary involved in Clinical research, with specialization in biochemistry, hematology and histopathology and microbiology.

ClinInvent Research; Mumbai; CRO, engaged in clinical trial management, data management and related services.

CliniRX Research; Gurgaon; Clinical research services phase II-IV.

Clintrac International; Bangalore; CRO services conducts phase I-IV clinical trials.

iGATE Clinical Research International; Mumbai; CRO, which offers a complete range of phase II to IV clinical trials support services.

Integrated Clinical Research Sciences; Mumbai; CRO, which conducts, contract and organizes in vitro studies, animal studies and Phase I-III studies and offers services from pre-clinical to management of clinical trials and biostatics. The only centre for Thalassaemia in India.

Jehangir Clinical Development Centre; Pune; Clinical research trials.

Jubilant Clinsys; Noida; Clinical research services Phase I-IV, includes clinical trial management, bioequivalence studies, data management, medical writing and biostatics.

Kendle India; Gurgaon ;  Clinical development solutions works on Phase I-IV IN arthritis/inflammation, oncology, cardiology, antibiotics and antivirals and central nervous system.

Lambda Therapeutics Research; Ahmedabad; Clinical research organization which offers services such as BE studies, bioanalytical, Phase I-IV trials.

Lotus Labs; Bangalore; CRO with skills in bioanalytical method development and validation, human bioavailability studies, conventional bioequivalence, food effect and multidose studies in humans. Phase I-IV clinical testing.

Manipal AcuNova; Bangalore; Clinical research services conduct Phase I-IV clinical research, bioavailability/bioequivalence studies, clinical data management, core imaging lab, contract research in biopharma and diagnostics.

Metropolis Health Services India; Mumbai; CRO, phase I-IV with NABL and CAP accredited laboratory.

Neeman Medical International; New Delhi. Clinical trial services include project management, drug importation, regulatory submission, biometrics and report writing, site feasibility, warehousing and distribution.

Omnicare Clinical Research; Bnagalore; Provides pharmacy related consultancy and data management services which include clinical supplies, Phase I-IV clinical trial and development plan creation and regulatory submission.

Pfizer; Mumbai; Clinical research Phase I-IV.

Pharmaceutical Product Development; Mumbai; CRO, provides patient recruitment and clinical monitoring for Phase II-IV studies.

Pharma-Olam International; Bangalore; Provide contract research services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries and conduct clinical trials from Phase I-III.

PLIVA Research India; Goa; CRO which focus on conducting BE/BE and pharmacokinetics studies for the company’s generic product pipeline.

PRA International; Mumbai Clinical Research Organization mainly work on data management.

Quartesian Clinical Research; Bangalore; Clinical development service provider to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies which mainly includes biostatics, data management, medical writing, training and staffing services.

Quintiles (India); Ahmedabad; Clinical research organization conducting Phase I-IV studies. Trains the investigators.

Reliance Clinical Research Services; Navi Mumbai; Provides clinical research services to biotech, pharma and medical device companies. Its services include biostatics, clinical operations, Pharmacovigilance, project management, medical writing and laboratory services.

Simbec India; Ahmedabad; Clinical Research organization, conduct Phase I-IV studies. Its areas of work include contract development, regulatory affairs and legal services and R&D.

SIRO Clinpharm; Thane; Clinical research organization, work on management of clinical project, data management, biostatics, quality assurance and final repot.

Sristek; Hyderabad; Clinical data management services from Phase I-IV clinical trials, biostatics and clinical data management.

SRL Ranbaxy; Mumbai; A flagship company of Ranbaxy group is a Clinical research organization doing Phase I-IV studies.

Synchron Research Services; Ahmedabad; Clinical research organization conducting Phase I-IV studies which includes data management, bioequivalence, bioavailability, biostatics, Pharmacovigilance, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies.

THINQ Pharma-CRO; Mumbai; Contract Research Organization; work on clinical research and research on API.

Triesta Sciences; Bangalore;  Clinical research services,which undertakes clinical and molecular evaluation particularly in the areas of oncology, infectious diseases, renal and gastrointestinal disorders.

Vedic Life sciences; Mumbai; Specialized in natural products, pre clinical and clinical research. Conducts Phase II human trials, and pre clinical toxicological studies on animals.

Veeda Clinical Research. Ahmedabad; CRO, expertized in Phase I study and handles all types of BA/BE studies.

Vimta Labs; Hyderabad; Contract services with main areas are clinical research, preclinical studies on animal, clinical reference lab services, environment assessment and analytical testing of varieties of products.

Wellquest Clinical Research; Mumbai; Conducts bioequivalent studies Phase I, takes BA/BE studies.

Other companies are: Aurobindo Pharma, Bharat Biotech, Cipla, Ranbaxy, Dr.Reddy’s Lab, Nicholas Piramal India, Wockhardt, Abbott,  Laboratories, AstraZeneca, Aventis, GlaxoSmithkline, Merck, Novartis, Ventiv- Allied Clinical Research, Bioclin Health Research, Clinimetrics, Covance, ICON Clinical Research, InfoQuest, Novum Pharmaceutical Research Services, Quintiles, Scirex, Synergos, Synteract, Trialstar, and XenoTech

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