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Food-Industrial Biotech Companies in India

            Company-Research, Products and Services

Advanced enzyme technologies; Thane. Enzyme manufacturer: for human and animal healthcare, textiles, leather and food grains.
Alembic; Vadodara; Manufacturing fermentation based pharma products like erythromycin and penicillin, R&D in chemistry, microbiology and pharmaceutical technonolgy and bioequivalence.
Alltech Biotechnology; Bangalore; Animal feed solutions provider using natural yeast fermentation and enzyme technology.
Americos Industries; Ahmedabad; Marketing and R&D of products for textile auxillaries, smart colorants and finishing chemicals.
Anil Biochem; Ahmedabad; Manufactures enzymes like- amylase, protease and amyloglucosidase.
Avon organics; Hyderabad; Manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) like ephedrine, chlorpheneramine etc.
Biocon Ltd.; Bangalore: Production of Industrial enzymes.
Concord Biotech; Ahmedabad; Producer and exporter of enzyme- statins having state-of-the-art fermentation facilities.
Fermenta Biotech;Thane; . Manufacture Enzyme Like Penicillin G Amidase Biocatalyst
Genencor International; Singapore; Manufacturer of Industrial enzymes used in healthcare, agri-processing, industrial and consumer markets.
Genotex International (India); Hyderabad; - Manufacture and export Aloe vera gel and its products, peptides and molecular biological enzymes used in R&D laboratories and scientific institutions.
Gujarat Organics; Mumbai; Develops, manufactures and markets chemical and intermediates used in pharma, cosmetic, agro-chemical and dye industries. Largest manufacturer of salicylic acid.
International Panacea; New Delhi; Work on industrially important products mainly produced by fermentation processes, like- biofertilizers, biopesticides, nutraceuticals, recombinant proteins and biomolecules
KG GLUCO BIOLS LTD. Sri Raghavendra Krupa,No.85,9th Cross Road, Rajmahal Vilas Extension,
Bangalore - 560 080.
Production of dextrose, monohydrate, liquid glucose, maltodex, tress, maize gems
Lumis Biotech; Mumbai; Work on industrial enzymology. Focused on manufacturing, formulation and marketing of Industrial Enzymes for Textile, Feed, Food, Paper and Pharma Industry. Research work carried out in protein engineering, fermentation by submerged and solid state.
Maple Biotech; Pune; . Manufacturer of microcrystalline cellulose and alpha cellulose.
Maps (India); Ahmedabad; Producer and exporter of industrial enzymes like amylases using solid and submerged fermentation.

Novozymes - . Enzymes and biocatalysts producer

Pppayin Products (India); Coimbatore; Manufactures papain and bromelain enzymes from papaya.

Praj Industries; Pune; A global ethanol technology provider who has also entered in biodiesel technology.

Priya chemicals; Mumbai; Manufacturer and exporter of amino acids and amino acid based products used in nutraceuticals, agriculture, poultry, veterinary and aquaculture.

Proalgen Biotech Ltd.; Chennai; A natural beta carotene manufacturer.

Resil Biotech; Bangalore; Enzyme manufacturer.

Rossari Biotech India; Mumbai; Production and marketing of enzymes used for biosourcing, wool and silk processing.

SPIC; Chennai; Products to pharmaceutical companies are fermentation based penicillin G, custom synthesis and contract manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, synthetic organic compounds, drug intermediates and plant based nutraceuticals.

Tex Biosciences; Chennai; Manufactures enzymes used in textile, leather, poultry feed, stone washing paper and for dye fixing.

Zytex (India); Mumbai; Manufactures enzymes for various industries like baking, food processing, leather, and auxillaries for fabric garment processing and feed additives.

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