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Marine Biotechnology-Aquaculture in India

Working Areas 

It includes the application of scientific and engineering principles to the processing of materials by marine biological agents to provide goods and services. 


Working Areas in Marine Biotech:

  • Genes and Protein (marker) isolation from extremophilic microbes: e.g. Taq Polymerase used in PCR

  • Polysaccharides harvesting: like agar and Carrageenan used in food industry

  • Source for Pharmaceuticals: like Antiviral drug acyclovir and AZT (marine sponge) and Anticancer drug Ara-C (marine sponge)

  • Microbial sources: great source of edible microorganisms.


Working Areas in Aquaculture:

  • Fish nutrition, pathology, environment, ecology, inland aqua-culture, freshwater aquaculture, mariculture, industrial fisheries, fish processing and post harvest technology, and advanced studies and research work includes:

  • The ability to specifically identify and insert genes that will aid in propagation and health of fisheries stocks



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