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Nanotechnology Companies* in India

     Company-Research, Products and Services

Monad Nanotech; Mumbai; It’s a nanobiotechnology company which produces carbon nano material (CNM) at commercial level via using plant based material for the production of different types of CNM.

Qtech Nanosystems; Bangalore; Expertise in nanomanipulation and nanopositioning technology.

Dabur Research Foundation, Ghaziabad (U.P.). Its products include Nanoxel. Research activities-Co-Development of Nano-polymer & Liposome based Drug Delivery

Systems Formulation Development of Solid & Injectable Dosage forms for Cytotoxics

It is India's first indigenously developed nanotechnology based chemotherapy agent effective and safe therapy for advanced breast, non-small-cell lung, and ovarian cancinomas.

Nano Cutting Edge Technology Pvt Ltd - Nanocet, Mumbai. Products are- Silver-Nano gel, Gold- Nano gel and Biostabilised Iron-Palladium nanoparticles. Contract research work on drug delivery system. It has mastered a new approach of Material Science and Engineering through Biology. A variety of semiconductor and transition metal nanoparticles have been synthesized using a eco-friendly methods using metal interacting microorganisms.

Velbionanotech, Bangalore. Products: bionanochip, nano medicine, nanomaterial, Microdoctor, nano-sensors and herbal medicine. Designing DNA based drug for heart disease, kidney stones, AIDS and Cancer.

India Nano- an Intellectual Property holding arm of the IndiaCo group. Its“Innovation Acceleration Network™ (IAN™) is designed to bridge the gap between invention and commercial reality. It catalyzes public-private partnerships to create commercially viable nanotechnology enterprises.

Yash nanotech, Mumbai: Provides global nanotechnology business intelligence and consulting services to industries and investors worldwide Mission.

Center for Advance Research & Development (CARD). the research wing of Scalene Cyberbatics Ltd, Bangalore “Nanotechnology based Nanoblaster technology - developed a new technique to blast cancer cells in the human brain and other parts of the human body. Rational field quantum magnetic resonance' (RFQMR) generator’-non-invasive technique to regenerate dying  tissues in the body that cause serious disabilities in arthritis patients. Technique to detect cancer at early stage.



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