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Nanotechnology Working Areas 

Nanotechnology includes design and positioning of individual atoms or molecules to create materials, structures, components or machines less than 100 nanometers in size. Individual nanounits may be coordinated to form larger structures or systems.

Working Areas 

  • Nanomachines or Nanobots: An electro-mechanical device that functions on a scale of nanometers. It may: perform computations; sense and respond to environmental stimuli; be capable of movement; communicate and cooperate; perform molecular assembly; self-repair; and replicate.

  • Biophotonics: The science of using light to understand the inner workings of cells and tissues in living organisms.

Applications include:

  • Using light to image or selectively treat tumors

  • To sequencing DNA

  • Identifying single biomolecules within cells


  • Nanomedicine And Nanopharmacology

Nanomedicine is the use of nanotechnology (nanodevices) to interact with cells, tissues, and biological processes for: diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury; and enhancement of human health and functioning. 

Nanopharmacology systems may:  

  • Diagnose conditions

  • Detect pathogens

  • Identify optimal pharmaceutical agents to treat the condition or pathogens

  • Fuel high-yield production of matched pharmaceuticals (in vivo)

  • Locate, attach or enter target cells, structures or pathogens; and dispense the optimal amount of matched pharmaceutical to the target areas.  This may allow selective killing of cancer cells or viruses that currently resist medical treatment, with minimal systemic drug concentration and side effects

  • In addition monitor and adjust biological processes

  • Remove abnormal structures such as arterial plaque

  • Repair tissue or defective DNA at the molecular level

  • Replace organs




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