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Plant and Agro-Biotech Companies* in India


       Company-Research, Products and Services

A.V. Thomas Biotechnology; Cochin; Plant tissue culture and export of crop, forestry, medicinal and spices plants- Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Spices, Leather foods; Food ingredients and natural extracts.  

Advanta India; Secunderabad; Agribiotechnology: produce hybrid seeds for cotton, maize, pearl, rice, sunflower, and rapeseed. 

AG Bioteck Laboratories; Hyderabad; Agribiotech, supplies plants such as cash crops, cut flowers, ornamentals, fruits, spices, medicinal and timber yielding woody trees, to agriculture, horticulture and forestry industries

Ajay Biotech; Pune; Manufacture and marketing of biopesticides (Azadirchtin from neem seed) and biofertilizers plant growth regulators.

Ajeet seeds;  Aurangabad; Research production and processing and marketing of hybrid seeds like cotton..

Ankur seeds; Nagpur; Produces quality, high yielding and economical hybrids and varieties. Working on insect, drought resistant Bt cotton seeds and paddy crops.

Avestha Gengraine Technologies Pvt. Ltd.; Bangalore; Collaborates with various companies to combat nutritional problems via plant biotech research.

Basarass Biocon (India); Chennai; Manufactures microorganisms (viral, bacterial and fungal) based biopesticides and Neem based one.

Bayer Cropscience; Mumbai;  Manufacture and marketing of biopesticides and growth stimulators.

Bejo Sheetal Seeds;Jalna; Manufacturing and marketing of hybrid seeds of common tropical vegetables like potato, pumpkin, okra, gourd etc.

Bicco Agro Products - Manufacturer of bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides & micro nutrients

Bioseed Research India; Hyderabad; Involved in developing genetically improved hybrids of maize, rice, bajra, sunflower, cotton, vegetables etc.

Biotech International; New Delhi; Manufacture of biopesticides and biofertilizers.

Camson Bio Technologies; Bangalore; Manufacture biological fungicides, insecticides, biostimulants, biofertilizers and hybrid seeds.

Century Seeds - Hybrid vegetable seeds supplier

DesiGen Diagnostics; Jalna Maharastra; Manufacture kits for detection of GM crop like Bt cotton protein (e.g. Cry1Ac/Cry1Ab, CP4EPSPS roundup ready), like –ELISA kits, lateral flow detection strips.

Dhanvantri Botanicals; Bangalore; Manufactures herbal and botanicals products mainly Garcenia based.

EID Parry (India) Ltd; Chennai; Manufacturer of bioproducts such as organic manures, azadirachtin etc.

Emergent Genetics India; Hyderabad; Hybrid seed production, like cotton.

Excel Crop Care; Mumbai; /  Production and marketing of bioproducts, soil enricher and biopesticides.

Excel Industries; Mumbai;  . Production and marketing of bioproducts, soil enricher and biopesticides. Its environment and biotech division activities include sanitization, bioconversion, bioremedation and bioaugmentation. Its biotech activities now moved to Excel crop care.

Fortune Biotech; Secunderabad; Manufacturer of biopesticides like azadirachtin and neem based products.

Ganga Kaveri Seeds; /  Hydearbad; Produce and market hybrids seeds like corn, wheat, paddy, jute ,sorghum, vegetables etc.

Gentek Agro; Sindhudurga Maharastra; Production of herbal extracts and oils used for cosmetics, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and agrochemicals industries.

Godrej Agrovet; Hyderabad; / Animal feeds, agricultural inputs’ integrated poultry business, oil palm plantation, plant biotech, retailing of fresh farm produce.

Golden Floriculture - / Ornamental plants, seeds and flower bulbs supplier

Greenearth Biotechnologies; Bangalore; Plant Tissue Culture and plant supplier work with a capacity of producing 6 million plantlets per annum.

Growmore Biotech; Hosur; An Agribiotech company with a capacity of producing 10 million tissue cultured .plantlets per annum, work on bamboo, potato etc.

Gufic Biosciences; Mumbai; Agribiotech company which produce plants of herbal and medicinal value.

Gujarat Life Services; Baroda- Agricultural and environmental biotech company producing biofertilizers and biocompost.

Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Company; Narmada Nagar;  Joint enterprise of Gujarat govt. and GSFC. Manufacturing and marketing of biofertilizers and plant tissue culture products; involved in effluent treatment.

Gujarat Oleo Chem; Mumbai; . Manufacturing and supplying biodiesel using vegetable oil.

Harrison Malayalam; Kochi; Plant tissue culture work of tea and rubber, banana, coffee, pepper, spices, vanilla, cocoa, cardamom and arecanut plantation

High Tech Agri Services; Bangalore; Manufacturing of biopesticides and biofertilizers formations.

HU Gugle Biotech; Bangalore; Grows tissue cultured plants mainly Banana with a capacity of 10 million plants per year.

Indo-American Hybrid Seeds; Bangalore; Somatic embryogenesis, immunology and cellular biology and recombinant DNA technology, thus involved in production and marketing of hybrid seeds of vegetables, oil seeds, flower, ornamental and landscape plants.

Indrayani Biotech; Pune; Floriculture and tissue culture work and produces cut flowers and plantlets particularly Rose and also involved in marketing of hybrid vegetable seeds.

JK Agri Genetics; Hyderabad; Plant tissue culture, DNA markers- RFLP, AFLP,SSR and ISSR, superior hybrid seed production using Bt and other novel gene.

K N Biosciences; Hyderabad;  www.knbiosciences.tradeindia.comManufacturer and exporter of agricultural products, focusing on Micropropagation, biofertilizers, biocontrol agents, biopesticides, and also deals with probiotics for fish and aquaculture and poultry biotech products.

KCP Biotech; Hyderabad; Mainly works on different biotech aspects like food processing -natural colors, natural flavors, enzymes, proteins; agriculture like- hybrid seeds, biopesticides, biofertilizers, plant extraction; and Healthcare like diagnostics.

Khoday Biotech; Bangalore; Micropropagation of ornamental, horticultural and tree species with 30 million plant capacity per annum.

Krebs Biochemicals and Industries Ltd; Hyderabad; R&D and production of drugs and intermediates used in agriculture and medicine industries.

Krishidhan Seeds; Jalana;   Provides seed solutions to the farming community, also markets its Bt. Cotton hybrid seeds.

Labland Biotech; Mysore; Supplier of tissue cultured Jatropa plants and Jatropa seed derived crude oil.

Maharashtra hybrid seed company; Jalna; Mahyco is engaged in the research, production, marketing and processing of 115 products in 30 crops like - wheat, rice, vegetables, oilseeds and fibres. Also developing genetically enhanced crops using gene transformation technology.

Maharashtra State Seeds Corporation; Akola; Production, processing and marketing of seeds of more than 50 crops and 250 varieties, also working on biological control of storage of pests.

Mahyco Monsanto Biotech (India); Mumbai; It is a joint venture of Maharashtra hybrid seed company and Monsanto which market Bt cotton hybrid seeds.

Metahelix Life Sciences; Bangalore; Research, production and marketing of hybrid seeds of rice, cotton.

Monsanto India; Mumbai; Engaged in cost effective and integrated approaches for improving farm productivity via herbicides and hybrid seeds production.

Multiplex Biotech; Bangalore; Manufactures micronutrients, organic manures, biopesticides, plant growth promoters, organic manures, wetting agent, biofertilizers and sprayers.

Namdhari seeds; Bangalore; Agribiotechnology company produces hybrid seeds; work on okra, melon, chillies, cucumber, and tomato mainly focussing on disease resistance.

Nath Biogene; Aurangabad; Processing, production and research of hybrid seeds like- rice, maize, pearl millet, sorghum, vegetables, mustard and sunflower.

Nath Seeds.  Vegetable, cereals and oil hybrid seeds producer

Nunhems; Gurgaon; Manufactures hybrid seeds of vegetables, work on molecular biology and tissue culture.

Nuziveedu seeds; Secunderabad;  Manufacturer of hybrid seeds of cotton, maize, sunflower, bajra and sorghum.

Organica Biotech; Mumbai; Develops and marketing of bioproducts using microbes, used in agriculture, aquaculture, industrial and environmental industries.

Phalada Agro Biofertilizers and hormones manufacturer

Pocha Seeds. Vegetable, flower and fruit seeds supplier.

Prabhat Agri Biotech; Hyderabad; It develops novel and hybrid varieties of various crops like – cotton, bajra, maize, jowar, sunflower, cabbage and tomato.

Prameya Flowers ; Floriculture,  plants supplier.

Rasi seeds; Salem, Tamil nadu; Produces Agribiotech products, mainly Bt. Cotton.

Reliance Life Sciences; Navi Mumbai; Work on biotherapeutics production and research based on plant tissue culture, biotransformation and secondary metabolite production techniques.

Sheel Biotech; New Delhi; Work on Micropropagation of bamboo using tissue culture.

South East Agro Industries; Mysore; Engaged in herbal extract used in food, pharmaceutical, breweries and cosmetic industries. Main products include spices, oleoresins and essential oils.

Sun Agro Biosystem; Chennai; Manufacturing of biocontrol agents like disease and pest management. It also provides training and consultancy in various aspects of horticulture and agriculture including organic farming and pest management.

Sungro Seeds; Delhi; Producer of hybrid and superior vegetable crops like- carrot, tomato, bitter gourd, chilli, eggplant, cabbage, cauliflower and radish.

Syngenta India; Mumbai; Production and marketing of seed and crop protection products. Has developed transgenic cotton with ‘vip 3A’ insect resistance gene.

Vikram Seeds; Ahmedabad; Production and R&D of Bt cotton seeds.

Other companies (and many more to be included) are: Zuari agrotech; Bangalore. Pro Agro Seeds. Southern Online BioTechnologies. Tulsi seeds; guntur. Univ agri science; Dharwad. Vibha seeds Ltd.;- Hyderabad. Vikki's Agrobiotech, Hyderabad. Safal seeds; Jalna. Pravardhan seeds; Hyderabad. Nandhi seeds, Hyderabad. 

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