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Plant and Agro-Biotech-Working Areas

Agriculture and Plant biotechnology includes applying advance technologies over biological agent of plant origin for human welfare directly or indirectly.


Working Areas

Exploitation of plants and its products through biotechnology is carried out through following techniques:


Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture: Aseptic cultivation of plant cells, tissues or organs outside the plant body.

  • Micro-Propagation and Cloning- Saving Endangered Plants. Saving Plant, Time and Space.

  • Secondary Metabolites Production- to be used as medicine.

  • Biotransformation - Transforming one Compound into An Economically Important One using enzyme.

  • Somatic Hybridization- Producing Distant Hybrids.

  • Protoplast Culture- Genetic Transformation.

  • Haploid Plant Production- Recessive But Agronomically Important Gene (Allele) Expresses.

  • Triploid Plant Production- increased productivity as gene expresses three times.

Genetic Engineering, Transformation and Transgenic Plant Production: they are produced by inserting desired genes of any economic importance into the plant. Its applications are-

  • Improving Qualitative and Quantitative traits in plants- like fruit size, shape colour etc.

  • Biopesticide production- Genes (CRY9C)Taken From Bacillus thuringenesis for Pest Resistance Inserted Into Cotton, Maize i.e. Bt. Cotton

  • Virus Resistant Plant production- By inserting Viral Gene (protein) into the plant and the plant gets resistant to the virus.

  • Improving Nutritional properties of the plants- e.g. Golden  Rice is a transgenic plant with high Vitamin A content.

  • Molecular breeding- Transgenic plants express proteins, which are harvested for commercial benefits, e.g. Edible vaccines from vegetables, coming to market very soon.

  • Biomaterial Production- Bioplastic - PHB (Poly hydroxybutyrate) gene cloned from bacteria and inserted into Maize and Cotton. The PHB is then used as plastic raw material.




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